This is a creative make up for special events such as fashion shows, publicity, photo shoots, and other events where one wants to be seen and noted.  This is an exuberant make-up where maximum fantasy, colour and effects are explored.



Day make-up, different to that of the evening, must be natural and light.  With proper day make-up a woman can have a simple but versatile look, ready for every aspect of the day.



Sometimes it takes a little touch to make an evening perfect, sensual and magnetic. Important evening make-up gives emphasis to details with more intense colour giving astounding results.  Soft lighting allows for stronger colours, and a technique which could not be condusive to day light.



This is the typical make-up style of Middle Eastern and oriental women with a distinctive and mysterious look. Arab make up concentrates on intense eyes, amber coloured skin tones, and perfectly designed lips.  This is a very interesting and creative course designed for women who want to amaze.



After reaching a certain age, one does not need to be afraid of using make-up.  One only needs to know how to apply it properly.  This course is for all the women who desire to hone their make-up technique and, above all, learn new strategies for putting make-up on mature skin.  Results can be amazing.

EYEBROW MAKE-UP (for professionals)

Eyebrows are important because, in modifying their form, one can change facial expressions.

Eyebrow sculpting and make-up determines 50% of the result of a full make-over.


  • Methods for determining co-ordinates of the eyebrow 
  • Proportions
  • Form
  • Direction
  • Thickness
  • Position
  • Tone  
  • Saturation between pencil and/or eyeshadow  
  • Re-construction (with eye liner in cake)
  • Trials  
  • Fundamental norms and errors to avoid


This is always the most popular course!

Here you have 1 day to learn all the secrets to minimize imperfections and enhance your natural beauty.



  • How to experiment with the joy of make-up
  • Discovery of fundamental cosmetics and the accessories which we cannot do without
  • Learn the basic terms in the world of make-up.
  • How to use basic cosmetics
  • Choosing your perfect foundation from the various formulas, textures, and coverage
  • Learing to impeccably use primer and corrector 
  • Learing to mask imperfections, the nightmare of every woman
  • Discover how to choose and use face powder, blush and foundation
  • The correct use of pencil and eyeliner
  • Knowledge of the various types of brushes and their respective uses
  • Eyebrows: do not entrust them to a beautician!
  • The study of their architecture for different types of faces
  • Correct and / or bring out the best face in all its forms
  • Learn how to enhance your features
  • Identify what shades of eye shadow bring out your eyes
  • Find out which is the perfect lipstick for every personality and which is appropriate for which occasion
  • Consultation on your ideal haircut 


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