Your Wedding is an emotional moment, for this reason, every detail must be considered. The bride, full of intense emotions on her unforgettable day, reflects that joy in her beauty. My task, and desire, is to valorize those emotions, to illuminate the personality of each bride.

I want her to be able to revisit her beauty and radiance every time she opens up her Wedding album. It is fundamental, in creating the perfect make up, to study the form and lines of the face.

This first step incorporates receiving client input, understanding the desired look, and giving suggestions to enhance natural beauty features whilst minimizing eventual natural imperfections.

This should translate into the bride and make-up artist forming a reciprocal trust. The bride must feel her expectations and wishes are being met and at the same time feel that suggestions, stemming from experience, can add to the creation of her own personal look and style.

Bridal make up, must be realized by a competent professional.  Their skills must be refined, the make up must garantee long lasting wear (whether abundant tears of joy or hot summer temparatures).

Make up products must be top of the line, giving a matt finish as the bride shall be exposed to continuous flash bulbs.  It is best to avoid iridescent or glittering cosmetics (apart from points of light under the arch of the eyebrow, and above the top lip to give intensity) Special products can eventually cover redness, acne or any signs of pre-Wedding stress.

Another important trait of a competent make up artist is to give correct suggestions on how a client must prepare their skin prior to Wedding day in order to be fresh and luminous. Once the skin has been treated properly, the resulting make up becomes impeccable.

More than any other aspect I want my work not only to enhance the beauty of the bride, but also correspond to her personality, to express her emotions and tell the story of her. And then, let's not forget the groom.  A light, very natural, re-touch can reduce any skin blotches in photos.   A perfect image on your special day requires attention to every detail.  Hair styles but also consider natural facial features, make up look, and the style of Wedding dress.

The current look of the moment is the sensual, yet elegant shabby chic or vintage chic.  This look is soft, natural with maybe some whisps playfully cascasding from a chignon or braid.  This can be enhanced by hair bands, ribbons, floral crowns that keep the look fresh and simple – an alternative look to the more structured glamour.

My personality is known and appreciated abroad for the unmistakable Italian style artistic flair, refined technique, and warm smiles. International brides choosing the charming and picturesque setting of Lake Como for their wedding, can absolutely entrust the study of their image to me for an exclusive, accurate and memorable experience.